The Future of the Church: De-centered

As we continue to think about what the future of the Church looks like, we turn now to thinking about space. Rather than maintaining the church building as the center of our world, we should de-center it, going instead into our communities where we serve and love and live. We can learn a little bit about what this might look like by examining pub churches to see how they work.

Simplicity in a Complex World (Helen Pitts, Jesuit Volunteer Corps)

This week, we welcome Helen Pitts, who works with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. She draws upon her tradition to share with us some of the wisdom from the greats of Christian tradition. Drawing from S.t Francis, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and Richard Rohr, she discusses with us what it means to live simply in our complex world and the freedom that it can lead to.

Easter 2017

For Easter Sunday, we dive into a curious text from Jesus, featuring him railing against his opponents. Although not a particularly nice passage, it still does have something interesting to teach us about resurrection, transformation, and bringing forth the new Creation.

Texts of Terror: The Environment

For this week's text of terror, we look from one end of the Bible to the other: the command in Genesis to "subdue" the Earth, and the idea that at the end of time, the whole Creation will be destroyed. Looking at the Industrial Revolution in light of these texts, we see one way that people have legitimized the wanton destruction of the environment—and harming people in the process.

Texts of Terror: Women

This week, we were blessed to hear from Rev. Sarah Casey. She continued our series of wrestling with some of the hardest texts in the Bible and trying to figure out what to do with them. She takes up the topic of women, examining how the New Testament has been used to keep women out of ministry and leadership roles in the church.

Texts of Terror: The Poor

Continuing our series about Biblical texts that have been used to cause great harm, we take up the poor this week. More than any one text, what has been harmful has been the way that we interpret the whole Bible in the first place. Allegorical readings shift the focus from the real material conditions of the poor to a spiritualized realm that ignores these problems.

Texts of Terror: Slavery

During the Lenten season, we are taking each week a text that has been used to cause great harm, examine its use without trying to excuse it, and then figuring out how to move forward from there. This week, we take on the legacy of slavery and how Christianity has been used to justify it.