Trekking through the Bible: The Rise of the Prophets

We're spend our time this week with the Northern kingdom. After the split between North and South, Jeroboam attempted to make the North into a utopian state. However, it soon devolved in chaos and political turmoil. This coincides, however, with the rise of the prophets as social critics. This week, we take a look today at how all of these forces coincided to make a time for the North that was prosperous, but had an unsettling undercurrent being brought to the surface by the prophets.

Trekking through the Bible: Wisdom Literature

We take a brief hiatus today from our plot to examine the Wisdom Literature of the Bible: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. These three are all trying to get at the same question: Why are things the way they are? But they have very different takes on them, and that disagreement gives us license to try to solve these issues on our own.

Trekking through the Bible: Saul

This week marks the beginning of the wonderful David saga—one of the finest pieces of ancient literature around. The first half of the saga focuses on Saul, a man chosen reluctantly to be king, who slowly slips into madness and instability at the prospects of his fate. He's one of the greatest tragic characters in the Bible.