Monthly Meeting, Dec 12th, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Dec 12th.  We were short of time, so we had the reading form the Prayer Calendar and the discussed how to disperse the proceeds from the Bazaar and the extra from our checking account.  The results are shown below.  Basically, we followed the same pattern as last year, although we eliminated One Heart One Child and we added $100.00 to Island Time Activities, $100.00 to the Coffee Oasis and $100.00 to Morrow Manor.  Then we had a Christmas program prepared by Lynda W.  It began with a presentation by Agate Passage, a Barbershop quartet.  Then Lynda told us the story of the Fourth Wiseman.  Finally we had lunch prepared by Lynda and Mary S.  We  had chicken salad with pomegranate seeds, a skewer of pickled things (like olives), croissants, and little fancy cakes for dessert.  It was great.


Monthly Meeting, Nov 14th, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Nov 14th.  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.  This was the meeting following the Bazaar so thats what we talked about.  The program was on Scams and it was presented by John Olmstead.  He is an average citizen who is concerned about this problem.  He gave us some good information.


Monthly Meeting, Oct 10th, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Oct 10th.  (There have been a number of meetings since the last entry.  Sorry.)  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.  We are starting to get geared up for the annual Bazaar (it is only a month away.)  A Bazaar planning meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct 17th in Room 5 at the church.  Beth B was not present so we did not discuss a Christmas basket.  Time is short and our attention is elsewhere right now.  Maybe we can be prepared for next year.  The program, a DVD entitled The Journey of Man was well received.


Monthly Meeting, Apr 11th, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Apr 11th.  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.  Martha A. announced a Bazaar meeting on Tuesday, Apr 18th at 10:00 am in room 2.  The time to start preparing for the next Bazaar is NOW.  It was decided to send $200.00 to the US2 organization in thanks for Chastity's visit.  The need for a Kitchen Committee was discussed and it will be brought up at the next Church Council meeting.  Mission u is coming up on July 17th in Ellensburg.  The discounted registration price is good until May 31st.  Scholarships are available.  This is a great event and everyone is encouraged to attend.  The program was presented by Pastor Colin.  He talked about church planting and the differences in outlook between the younger and older generations.  The program next month will on Ometepe presented by Nancy Quitsland.


Monthly Meeting, Mar 14th, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Mar 14th.  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.  We discussed, and with a few changes, passed a budget for 2017.  Pastor Colin Cushman will present the program at our next meeting.  Upcoming events include the Spiritual Growth Retreat from Mar 31 to Apr 2 and Mission u in July.  There is also a fundraiser for Scarlet Road on Friday Mar 24th in Bremerton.  Our program today was a US2 speaker, Chastity Jones.  She is working with FAN.  She spoke on justice.



Monthly Meeting, Feb 14th, 2017

The Monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Feb 14th.  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.   We had a nice surprise; the Agate Passage Quartet gave our group a rose and a song (Turn Your Radio On) in celebration of Valentines Day.  We received 3 thank you letters for our end-of-the-year gifts.  A budget for 2017 was presented.  We will vote on it at our next meeting.  We still need a new secretary and treasurer.  We heard about Leadership Training (2 people attended).  At our next meeting we will have a US2 (someone who works for the UMC for 2 years in the US) speaker.  The program was a DVD on poverty.

Agate Passage Quartet, Valentines Day, 2016

Agate Passage Quartet, Valentines Day, 2016


Monthly Meeting, Jan 10, 2017

The Monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Jan 10th.  The usual agenda for the General Meeting was followed.  Mary has a copy of the book by Ardis Marrow, the woman who the transitional housing for victims of domestic violence will be named for in Poulsbo.  Martha is working on knitting or crocheting hats for the folks at the Coffee Oasis.  The UMW is working on efforts to "Box In" human trafficking at the Super Bowl.  We need a new secretary and treasurer for the next 3 years.  Carol W and Martha A are the nominating committee.  Elections will be held in June, and the new officers will begin in September.  If you are interested in one of these positions or would just like to know more about them, please see Martha or Mary.  The next Days For Girls workshop will be held Tuesday, Jan 24th in room 2.  Martha discovered that we were making the liners incorrectly.  Some could be corrected.  Mary P said to send those that incorrect to her; they may be salvagable.  We set a goal of 10 kits (10 bags and 80 liners).  We are getting there.  Materials are available in room 2 if you would like to work at home and there is a new set of instructions (the end product is the same, but the instructions are clearer) on the website.  The UMW general meeting was followed by a Service and Gratitude program presented by Mary S.  She told us about some of the things UMW does (there are over 300 missions around the world) and we watched a short video.  This was followed by the making of pledges.  If you have any questions about pledges, please see Mary S.


Monthly Meeting, Dec 13, 2016

The monthly meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Dec 13th.  We followed the usual agenda for the General Meeting, although we took a break before tackling the task of the day - designating recipients of the money that we have to give away (the proceeds from the Bazaar and some from our treasury).  Thanks to the fact that the Bazaar did even better this year, we had to increase/add some recipients.  The list is shown below.  We did not have time for the Christmas program since we had spent so much time on the funds dispersal.  But the spirit of Christmas was evident.  Our next meeting will be on Jan 10th at 10:00.

We set a goal for Days For Girls liners and bags of 10 kits worth.  We are about 3/4 of the way there.  There will be no meeting in December.  We will meet again on Jan 24th in room 2 at the church.  The materials are stored in the UMW cabinet in room 2 and if anyone wants to take something home to work on, that would be great.


Monthly Meeting, Sept 13, 2016

The first fall meeting of the Seabold United Methodist Women was held at the church on Sept 13th.  We followed the usual agenda for the general meeting although we stopped after the Old Business since the last item we discussed was the Bazaar for 2016 and we ran out of time.  On that subject, Martha A is taking the lead and things are proceeding well.  Handcrafted items, baked goods, collectibles, Items for the Children's Room (gifts for parents) and books are always needed.  Mary S and Linda C attended the district UMW annual meeting and a red rose was presented in memory of Johnny Horner.  Our local unit also gave a Gift in Memory for Guy Cauthers.  Our unit received certificates for completing Mission Today requirements and for being a 7 Star unit at the annual meeting.  There will be a basket to collect clothes for Scarlett Road in the church narthex in October.  Our program in September was on Climate Justice and the one in October will be a DVD on Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Members of the UMW helped at the reception following the Memorial Service for Jack Hanson on Sept 14th.

The next Days For Girls session will be Tuesday, Sept 27th in room 2 at 10:00. 


Days For Girls

This is a project to make feminine hygiene kits for girls.  They are distributed in third world countries, after disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Nepal, and in prisons.  The materials are washable, a plastic bag and soap are included, and they are expected to last three years.  There is a website at that explains the project more fully.  We are in contact with a lady from Seattle who has been involved for a long time and is available for questions and guidance.  We are very excited about this project.  We had a presentation from Mary Paananen on Mar 8th.  We meet on April 5th to talk about the project and what we needed to do.  We meet again on the 19th.  We wrestled with the electrical situation (we had 1 sewing machine and 3 sergers) and started on liners and bags.  We decided to meet again on May 24th (the fourth Tuesday) in room 2 at the church.  Please see Martha A if you have any questions.

Bazaar - Nov 2015

Bazaar - Nov 2015



We have been working on a simple tied quilt that is designed for someone in a recliner (such as during chemotherapy; it is long and narrow).  We worked on it at two meetings last Spring and we plan to finish it this summer.  If you are interested in working on it, please contact Janet C.

                                                                                                                                                            QUILT MAKERS

                                                                                                                                                            QUILT MAKERS


Bazaar / ABC Sale

This event is a fundraiser for missions including local projects like Helpline and Fishline; projects in Seattle like Tacoma House and the Atlantic Street Center; and missions around the world.  We sell handmade items (knitting, cards, crafts, etc.), baked goods, books, gently used collectibles and others.  There is a Children's Room where kids can select gifts for their parents and tables where people can enjoy items from the Bake Sale and a cup of coffee, visit, etc.  The first Christmas Bazaar was held in 1915.  The first ABC Sale will be in 2015.  It will be much like the Bazaar, but more casual.  The whole congregation donates items, works on the event, etc.  It is a lot of fun and a good way to include the whole community.



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Year-End Distribution of Funds

December, 2016

Undesignated Gift to UMW Mission                                                                     $1000.00

UMCOR                                                                                                                      400.00

Atlantic Street Center                                                                                                350.00

Tacoma Community House                                                                                       250.00

Imagine No Malaria                                                                                                    100.00

North Kitsap Fishline (Poulsbo)                                                                                 300.00

Helpline House (Bainbridge)                                                                                     300.00

Island Time Activities                                                                                                 400.00

Freedom From Fistula (Africa)                                                                                   100.00

Coffee Oasis (Poulsbo)                                                                                              400.00

Scarlet Road (Kitsap County)                                                                                     100.00

Si a La Vida (Nicaragua)                                                                                             100.00

Morrow Manor for Domestic Violence Survivors (Poulsbo)                                    400.00

    Total Giving                                                                                                          $4200.00